Sunday, March 23, 2014

Casa Masó de Girona

Casa Masó - the white house on the Onyar River
Thanks to the Ajuntament de Girona, local tour companies got a chance to visit the Casa Masó. The house where Rafael Masó (1880-1935) was born on the Onyar river which he renovated in Noucentista style. He was from a prominent family and is probably the most important architect from Girona. His family founded the local newspaper, ¨El Diari de Girona¨, and Rafael´s works can be seen around the city and neighboring towns.
Rafael designed the furniture for his older brother´s office
The house has been preserved with original Noucentista tile floors, furnishings, lamps, stained glass and decorations, many designed by Rafael and his peers. While he studied in Barcelona as a young man he admired the works of Antoni Gaudi and was part of a group of artisits and writers who created an alternative to Modernism, Noucentisme (the high period for this movement was 1914-1923).

For me, it was a nice chance to see something new in town and can imagine bringing clients here for an important piece of Gironine history - especially for their Summer evening visits when they include locally brewed beer.