Tuesday, June 12, 2007

3 days of intense riding over the weekend!
with Alf
In Tossa. Summer is coming!

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Pro Ride

I still feel like a kid when an opportunity like this comes along.
This morning we are out, and went to meet Freddie for a long ride.
So I left home around 10 and met with George, Pat McCarthy and Lucas from Slipstream Team, also meeting up with Freddie.

Today's ride is the Vic loop, 5 hours. Before leaving town, we also met up with Christian VdV and David Millar. We're all set. Let's go!

Leaving Girona with a special Peloton

The weather forecast is not optimistic, although the day is perfect, not too hot and very sunny. T-storms are expected "to grow" anywhere in Catalunya... maybe I will be saved by the rain:-)

George Hincapie with the US Champion Jersey

Freddie and David

David Millar, GB Champ. Jersey

Christian Van de Velde and Lucas

Pat McCarthy
The pace is high (must say that now, that I am still breathing) and we rode in pairs, I feel good to pull when it's my turn.

Coll del Condreu ahead

After 2 hours we start the first real climb of the day, 12km. I soon was dropped, HR 185...

1km to the top Freddie came down and picked me up to go back to Girona as the sky turned dark grey.

5 minutes before arriving to Girona we got soaked.
120km ride.

Good rest