Friday, September 14, 2007

La Vuelta

We are back from spending 4 days in the Pyrenees to see la Vuelta.
One of the big stages finished in Cerler, after a 12km climb. It was going to be a great chance to see the riders in action!

Erik had some friends visiting and we all went to see La Vuelta. Theresa, Robin and Erik in the picture.

The climb was 12km and had 6 hard ks, especially the first 4 and the 2 past Cerler, at 10%.
Grafitters!!! Watch out!
And we had a rest stop and met with these two dutch fans. Viva Freire, Viva Rabobank!
They invited us to have a couple of beers, and we were ready for the winding descent to Benasque....
And the pros came...Sorry, the picture below ;-))
The following day, I talked to the CSC Fisio and he told me that when VdV was caught by the peloton, IƱigo Cuesta was leading it at 26-30km/h for the first 4 hard km. Hard to believe, impossible to do! After Cerler, the pack was completely broken and the stage was for Piepoli, Menchov was 2nd.

Next day start at Benasque. Go Christian!

Quick update: secret training for the big ride

R. don't say it to anyone....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

August: Big Holidays in Spain

During this month the Spanish, Catalans and Europeans move to the coast for the summer holidays. Tim and Dan decided to visit Girona with some friends and go for a ride to the countryside.
Many villages hold their festivals this time of the year and it's what we found on our way through Monells. People waking up from the party, cleaning the square and everything closed. We moved to the next town for our coffee break.

Back to Girona, descending from Santa Pellaia

3 days later, we would go on another ride with Rebecca, and her sister Lauren. Another beautiful day to enjoy this ride with history, visiting several medieval villages along the way.

Good luck with your travels! See you soon!