Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back to Priorat

2014! Bikecat has now been in business for nine years! With our business theories intact, incredible rides with local guides, good food and fun times. We are really enjoying every moment and looking forward to 2014 which looks like a great year! We can´t wait to welcome back old friends and meet new ones, discover new rides and share our love of riding with all of you.

Bikecat Cycling tours, Bikecat wine tour
This weekend, we were happy to be back in Priorat preparing the tour for the A2 Roadies in April. The contrast from Priorat to Sitges we hope will amaze them from the little tiny villages of Priorat with impossibly steep vineyards to the vast vineyards of the Penedes to the fiesta feeling on the coast.

We will go through four Denominacions d´Origin of wine, visit medieval monasteries of the Cisternian Order and even pass through Montblanc on St. Jordi day - the little city where the legend of St. Jordi (Saint George) says is where the knight killed the dragon in order to save the princess. 
Bikecat wine tour, Bikecat cycling tours
We reconnected with our friends and aquaintances in the area and we both found a feeling of coming back home to Priorat since we have been there so many times and love it so much! Checked out some tricky areas that we knew were under construction from the last time we were in the area and had to know if our routes will be influenced. Or the bakery in a tiny village which had changed locations but are still the same people making these amazingly yummy huge chocolate croissants - very important things to know before we bring cyclists!
Bikecat wine tour, Bikecat cycling tours

We look forward to sharing this tour with more of you and lead you to discover the fantastic riding, wines, olive oils, cuisine and culture in these very different areas of Catalonia.