Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting Ready for the new Bikecat Trans-Pyrenees tour

Last year, we organized the Spanish Trans-Pyrenees trip for a group from the US going from the Eastern Pyrenees all the way to the Atlantic in the Basque Country. As we were preparing the trip, we discovered so many nice roads and beautiful villages along the way that we started to imagine a similar trip, but with time in each place to get to know it a little better. The new tour will cover part of the Pyrenees region but with more nights in each place, no need to pack every night, leaving us more time to enjoy and relax. Here are some pictures from our trip last week to finish the preparation for this year´s Trans-Pyrenees tour with Rob's group from Calgary.

Here is Jaume getting ready for work in the morning:
Bikecat cycling tours

Looking for lunch stops that offer more than a ham and cheese sandwich
Spanish Cuisine, Pyrenees Cycling Tours
That was one mighty piece of bacon in my salad Jaume happily ate.

Finding that perfect balance between challenging and fun!
Trans-Pyrenees Cycling tour, Bikecat cycling tours
Have to be in good enough shape to keep up with everyone:)

Bikecat cycling tours

And most importantly, finding those little roads that keep you coming back for more!
Bikecat Cycling tours, Trans-Pyrenees cycling tour

We hope we can continue offering Bikecat cycling tours for many years to come!

Oops! Depending on who you meet on the road, sometimes it is more challenging than others...i can´t help it.