Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bengt and Svante from Sweden were the first to come and enjoy the mild winter in Girona.

We were out to the "Medieval EmpordĂ " ride. A long ride, 96km, along an area where medieval villages raise amongst the cereal fields. Going back to Girona, Santa Peialla was the major challenge of the day. Still early in the season, none of us decided to hammer to the top :-)

Once in Girona, we managed to sit with good food. A hard task on a Monday afternoon in Girona when everything is closed.

We are preparing the new routes for 2007 tours and guided rides. Searching for new and awesome rides, interesting places to visit, landscapes variety and, of course, great places to eat!


Welcome to Cycling in Girona blog!
The 2007 season starts in Girona with an extraordinary but unusual warm weather, 15-20ÂșC (60-70F). 10 degrees above a normal January. Riding is perfect! :-)