Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Pulau Perhentian Islands

To end the tour in the Perhentian Islands would be ideal. Snorkeling in the amazing coral reef with the possibility to see sea turtles and many colorful fish. Finding the perfect spot on a deserted white sand beach with a good book and daydreaming. Listening to the lapping waves from your chalet as you fall asleep at night.

I am sure we will have more cycling in Malaysia soon...

For now, see you back in Girona

Kota Bharu

In Gua Musang we woke up the next morning to pouring down rain. Feeling a little tired of rain, we decided to ditch the next couple days plan to ride to Dabong and go caving, and decided to head straight up to Kota Bharu. KB is a city in the northeast near the Thai border known for its amazing market. We enjoyed wandering around and trying different food. We rode up to the beach for ice cream without the bags and out to a must-do restaurant called Yati. (Jeff’s recommendation)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tanah Rata to Gua Musang - 100km

Our next adventure was going to be the most challenging of our entire trip. 125km. Leaving Cameron Highlands would involve a bit more effort than what we´d done up until now, with it’s up and downs, +10% and -10%.... We were told, that it would only be for the first 25k. Then we’d have a 40km descent and easy terrain to the next village, Gua Masang. Yes, next village after 100k with nothing but jungle in-between.

So we made sure we had packed plenty of water and fruit for the route.
We woke up early, still dark. Had breakfast and time to realize it was raining. A local bus let us on since there were only a few people on the 8:30 bus. In Blue Valley, at the top of the descent, it was extremely foggy and blowing a sideways rain. We decided to have a 2nd breakfast of Roti, an Indian flatbread filled with banana and strawberry jelly, and hot tea while hoping the rain would end and fog would lift. No such luck, but we started the descent with good cheer and only a 100km to go, instead of 125!

The foggy weather disappeared quickly as we descended a few kilometers. The road was wide and no cars. The first part of the ride turned out to be very fast, yeah! going downhill, but not so long as we expected, as the road started to go up. 15km on the bike and we were climbing the unexpected hills, which were short and seemed to have a constant 9%!
To finish quickly, a supposedly flat ride turned out to be 1200meters of climbing, alternating sun and showers every 5 minutes. Dry, sweat, wet, dry, wet, dry, sweat…
In Gua Masang ready for bed.

The next day, after a good sleep, it was time to remember. It had been an epic ride. Crossing from Western to Eastern Malaysia through a remote forested area. We felt happy to have ridden it!