Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pyrenees in November

Last week we took our chances with the weather, in the middle of November it is always possible that there is already snow in the Pyrenees. We did a scouting trip to two of the areas to prepare the new Pyrenees trip. The snow in the Winter blocks many winter passes and small roads making it impossible to set the courses.
This tour sprouted from a tour we organized this summer, La Transpirinaica, on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees from Catalonia to Basque Country and ended in the beautiful city of San Sebastian. For this tour we made many discoveries and felt ourselves wanting to linger in each place much longer. There are always so many roads to try! We found our all-time favorite cyclable road ever, through La CaƱon de Anisclo, on a tiny road at the bottom of a canyon above a gushing stream.
This time we will still have the Trans-Pyrenean goal, but with time to appreciate sleeping in the same bed a couple nights and getting to know each area more intimately.
We so look forward to bringing the group to each area and on each special ride. We will even spend one day crossing into France and experiencing two mountain passes highlighted in the Quebrantahuesos, the largest Granfondo in Spain. More to come...