Friday, February 29, 2008

2008 Blog Update

Almost March
It's been 2 months busy preparing this season.
We have been riding a lot, putting in good base miles and looking for different rides.
Every year, we prepare a new set of rides, different than the ones we have done in the past.
New challenges and epic rides waiting for you this 2008!

Riding with Ricard Huelamo. One of the most prestigious Physiotherapist in Spain. He has a clinic nearby Girona and amongst his clients there are many pro cyclists: Barry, VandeVelde, Levi, Hincapie...and many other sport stars.
We are working on a new set of treatments to offer as a complement in our tours.
More info coming soon!
New clothing for 2008! New jersey and bibs, leg and arm warmers. Here riding Freddie's bike!
More news for 2008. I have signed for Esteve team and so joining my best riding friends!
Group ride with all the Esteve Team
An escape to Barcelona. Riding to Sitges with some old friends. Dind remember how different is riding around Barcelona! Too many cars!