Thursday, March 27, 2008

Riding with the Pros

We had planned a 5 hour ride to the mountains in the Montseny park. I had a call in the morning from Ricard. he was riding with some pros, and we could join them. Cale preferred to change the ride and we went to meet Ricard at the clinic.
Rode up to Santa Pellaia, and on the descent we met up with Ryder (Slipstream). Apparently, the rest of the group had taken another road to the coast. At that point we decided we would go back and try to meet them on their way back while Ricard would go to els Angels.

We split and started to hammer on the way up. Seconds later I heard someone shouting I first thought that some hunter were calling his buddies Wild boar! We didnt stop.

We heard it again, someone whsitling and shouting, I turned back and I saw someone coming,

oh! Ricard was calling and Zabriskie was louder, Lewis (High Road) and Pat were there too.

What a "de luxe" grupetto! We had the chance to ride together for a while.
In Llagostera we split and went to Sant Grau. A great climb where we pushed hard all the way up. Ricard managed to get rid of us and made it first to the top. oh well, next time!
At the top, we would meet with KOEN DE KORT (Astana) after he was doing some hard intervals at 500Watt. He was getting ready for the Spring classics season.
We rode back to Girona together. We also saw many other riders on the road. Easter Holidays or spring break, everybody on the road.
What a great day!

Fast Cale!

Yes, Cale was fast! And we rode a lot. 2 weeks of plenty of rides and fun stories.

A ride to the coast. Of course one of the favourites! Half ride done we met with Ricard Huelamo, as well as the pros, he is always on the bike! We are now a group of 3 so we speed it up
On the way back to Girona we met with Pat (Slipstream)
Cale came with his wife and daughter, and when he was riding they had time to relax, visit Girona and go on their own trips. Two weeks in Girona allow to taste many restaurants and that is what they did! Excellent choices were made, of course! Because in Girona you will find even a 3 star Michelin Restaurant.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bernat's MTB ride

Last weekend Bernat and some friends went to the high mountains in central Catalonia.
They did the Cabreres route in MTB. 2 days of beautiful riding.

Check out more of the amazing pictures of this trip at:

Don't forget to take a look at his photography website!