Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sa Tuna

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The beautiful Costa Brava beckons as the spring brings summerlike afternoons and cool sweater candle evenings.

The article Sa from Sa Tuna is from what they call ¨salty¨ Catalan, from the sea. Previously isolated villages along the coast and on the Balearic Islands speak with a different accent and expressions. In standard Catalan, the article would be el/en/lo or la and in ¨salty¨ Catalan, the articles are es/so or sa(feminine).

Sa Tuna is a wonderful little cala or cove located down the hill from the town of Begur. From here you can take the Camí de Ronda (path along the coast) in both directions to get different perspectives of the coastline and access more private calas, especially useful in the summer when there are many people.
Bikecat cycling tours, Cami de Ronda
In the area you can see many Indianos, mansions built around 1900 after sailors came back from the Americas where they had sought their fortunes and came back to settle down.
There are several little hotels to stay and relax after a bike tour...or anytime. July and August aren´t really recommended for the crowds and how that makes everything a bit less charming. Bikecat cycling tours, Discover Girona