Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekend Packages

Cycling in Girona. Girona Cycling with Bikecat
Bikecat Local Guides: Jordi

Cycling Packages: Guided and Self-Guided

Are you looking to ride in Girona and just have a couple days? Check out Bikecat´s Weekend Packages to experience Cycling in Girona´s finest on a short schedule. Stay in the same four-star hotels as our week-long tours, enjoy lunch or a coffee stop at our favorite spots, and explore the beautiful town of Girona in the evenings.

Our rental bikes are from the Garmin Team. We have a selection of Cervelo and Felt, top-of-the-line racing bikes to make your experience more complete. Would you like to ride the roads the pros do on David Zabriskie´s bike, or how about David Millar´s? This is your chance!

You can choose a Weekend Package with a guide or with a gps. All of our guides are from Girona and are fluent in Catalan, Spanish and English, experts on the routes and love cycling! You will be well cared for! If you prefer to do it yourself, check out our Weekend Packages with GPS. You will be provided with a Garmin gps and a map with the route and profile. Choose the package that works best for you!
Cycling in Girona, Bikecat Weekend Packages, Pro cyclists in Girona
Cycling in Girona with the pros

Bikecat´s rides are designed for the intermediate to the advanced recreational rider. We have a huge variety of routes to choose from, 40 to 100miles (65-160km), with different profiles to challenge your abilities. Please see our website for more information under Bike Tours and Weekend Packages to see the different options.

Your package includes:

  • Accommodation in an exclusive 4 star hotel in Girona.
  • Hearty breakfasts.
  • High end racing bike from Team Garmin
  • Garmin GPS with preloaded routes or a Guide
  • Energy bars, and sport drinks
  • Lunches in guided rides package
  • Insurance
Cycling in Girona, Girona backroads, Bikecat cycling tours
Discover Girona with Bikecat

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Best Escudella Soup in the World Ride

Bikecat - Cycling in Girona - Catalan Cusine

Let’s begin with what Escudella i carn d'olla is, or for short, escudella, is one of the most typical dishes in Catalan cuisine. It is a traditional soup and stew. It is the first referenced soup in Europe, first documented in the 14th century.

Escudella is typically served in two parts:
The escudella proper is a soup consisting of a broth with pasta (galets).
The carn d'olla is all the meat used in the broth, served afterwards on a tray along with the vegetables used.

After Jordi told me about this place known for this soup, I knew we had to try it. We planned a ride, out to lunch and then back to Girona, with a few guys and met Pep, the cook, at the restaurant.
They brought us a couple of big pots of escudella for 10 people. It was delicious. They recommended not to have more than 2 bowls. I had 3.

Next round. La carn d’olla showed up on a huge plate. To our surprise, that was for half the table. Soon we were brought another plate with more stuff. Potato, chickpeas, cabbage, meatballs and all the other meat parts used for the stew. Filled up my plate two times and that was more than enough.
Time to go back. Jordi and Marc had to pick up their kids in Girona.
Quick Catalan cream and cafe solo for dessert. Time to stand up, pay for the menu, and get on the bikes. Hard work after a few pounds in our stomachs.
Luckily most of the way was downhill.

We have to go back!
Will you join us?