Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Jim contacted me when at The Bicycle Link told him I had been there and rode with their group last December.
I didn't know if I would be in Girona at the time because of the Tour de France, but we managed to schedule three good days of riding.

The top of Els Angels

Riding in Tossa

Everytime we pass next to the wonderful beaches of this part of the Costa Brava, it is hard to resist the temptation to jump into the water!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Tour de France

Weekend escape to the Tour in the Pyrenees. Friday to Monday, and 4 days of riding to taste the long climbs and descents. I joined Erik, who had planned this trip much in advance. It was going to be a great weekend!

Climbing to Envalira

We left Friday afternoon to Andorra, our base camp. After arriving we went for a short ride to loosen our legs after 3 hours in the car. Two options: climb or descend. We decide to go up to Port d' Envalira. 9km climb at 6% to 2400m of height, and a fast decent back to the hotel.
On Saturday we left in the morning for a good ride, but once in Andorra, it started to rain. We stopped in a bar to have a cafe con leche and it started pouring. Back to the hotel earlier than expected, we decided to watch the whole time trial. Vino amazing! Still not aware of what was going to happen later on...

Sunday, Plateau de Beille. We drove to the base and climbed to the top. Thousands of people on the side of the roads, thousands of riders, thousands of caravans, just amazing! 15km to the top at a constant 7%.

We stayed at 2km to the finish line. Great views to the road! We sat there for at least 3 hours until the Tour caravan arrived.

An hour later Contador and Rasmussen would appear at the first switch backs. People gathering on the road to see them pass by. Too close, and too fast! Rasmussen attacked at km2 and they were attacking each other passing us at at least 20miles an hour! not much was left to see, but the impression they were flying to the top. Unbelievable!

Maybe last time we were going to see Vinokurof
After the stage we would descend carefully with so many people. Some of the pros would descend as well back to their team vans. At the bottom we talked to Freddie, who was feeling really sick and would leave the Tour during the next stage. Horner was there too and he has been doing really well. Good luck to the Predictor-Lotto Team!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Holidays for everyone

Finally the time came. It took a long time to prepare. Aaron and Greg, and their families were staying in a little village next to the Mediterranean Sea. We would start riding in the morning and meeting the families later. 5 riding days and some of the best rides around we had ahead. We are ready!

Day 1: Medieval Empordà. An easy ride to start spinning the legs. 85km.

Want to ride next to sunflowers? Feels good!

Coffee break at one of Lance Armstrong favourite restaurants outside Girona

Day 2. Rocacorba 114km. Our challenge is Rocacorba climb, one of the hardest climbs around Girona, and where the Pros train since it was paved all the way to the top

The hard climb to Rocacorba. 14 km, 6.5% average grade, with 2km at 10%!

10 days from the Tour start, we met VandeVelde and Zabriskie coming down Rocacorba.

5 minutes later we hear something aournd the corner...fiuuuuu!!!, Hincapie and Levi. They are gone so fast. We keep pushing up. Before starting our descent, we see the 2 CSC's again, climbing, 100m to the top, high cadence, amazing speed!

At the bottom we find Hincapie and Leipheimer going back to Girona. We jump on their wheel...
Hard to keep up with them, fast turns and lot of wind. We give up...

Riding behind George and Levi

Day 3. The coast to Tossa.

Riding along the Mediterranean

Day 4. Els Angels. 105km
Day 5. Sant Pere de Rodes. 64km. A perfect day for the queen stage.
We had to shorten it a little bit because of the wind, but kepth the major climbs of the day. Magnificient views!

Climbing to Cadaqués, Dali's hometown

The climb to Sant Pere

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Microsoft Power

I had a call from Jordi to prepare a ride for Thursday. He had a meeting in Barcelona and wanted to do a ride the day after with a friend.
A loop around Pla de l'Estany and the climb to Rocacorba was the perfect choice.
Thursday morning I joined Jordi and Gordon at the hotel and drove to the countryside house where we would start the ride.

Gordon and Jordi

Climbing the hard way to Rocacorba

We had a fun day and next time, Jordi promised to train harder to make it to the top first!
See you soon! and be ready!


Summer is here and time to go the beach.
We went to see the windsurf championships in Sant Pere and joined the VW campervan festival with Pau (my bro) and Lara.

Lara and Pau and their Van