Saturday, May 31, 2008

Temps de Flors

One magical week in May, Girona opens up to visitors displaying its inner charms. From churches to museums, and even private homes, inventively show off the artistic talents of its inhabitants as well as the intrinsic beauty of Girona. The whole town is in bloom as you wander between displays, taste special "flower" menus in restaurants, and view storefronts all joining in on the festival. What makes this week most magical are the places you can only visit this special week of the year, any other time you could just imagine what is behind those closed doors.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Frank & Art

I met frank last year when he spent several days in nearby S'Agaró. We did a few rides, enough to make plans for the following year.
This time, Frank and his friend Art spent a weekend in Barcelona to see the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Catalunya in Montmeló and do some sightseeing before coming to Girona. we spent 3 days of good riding and enjoying spring landscapes. The last day Frank and myself joined Xavi, Michael, Hincapie and Mike Friedman for a ride. But after the first hour, I had a flat and we split. Enjoy the pictures! See you soon!