Saturday, October 06, 2012

Cyclist Magazine Outing

This past Tuesday we headed out with some guys from Cyclist Magazine, a new cycling magazine based in London. They had a very ambitious route planned of about 160km with two good climbs, Amer and Rocacorba (if you know these, you know you wouldn´t normally want to do them in the same day..). I would call it an epic ride myself.
Their philosophy is to actually do the entire ride and not just go and have a pretty picture taken along the way. I admire that and had a good time driving their energetic photographer Paul around.

We started out as a good group with Jordi and friends from Calgary doing Les Serres together. A pro rider named Tanel Kangert on the Astana team accompanied us about half-way through the ride. Then, two British one Turkish, and the two Catalans, David and Jaume finished the ride going through the volcanic area and enjoying lunch in Santa Pau.

Ahead was the climb everyone was waiting for, Rocacorba or now sometimes called ¨The Cobra¨, that has become very popular with professionals in Girona. At the top, we all took a few minutes to enjoy the late afternoon view, now it was well after 6pm. We look forward to seeing the ride highlighted in an upcoming Cyclist Magazine issue! Thanks for the great day.