Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Autumn Rides

The good weather still shows off in October.
In the cold mornings (I might say for us, 10ºC) we wear warm layers easy to put away when the afternoon sun starts to shine and temperatures raise to 20ºC. Yes it's nice now. Maybe we should start riding at noon and be back by 3pm...

Well, maybe we'll need more time to cover 100k!
Jim was in Girona for a few days, and wanted to ride a bit. Well, it turned to be 5 good hours going to the coast. A beautiful day!

On the way back we were talking about food...I told hima bout how delicious pork cheeks are when they are baked w. veggies. Well, at first is not something you'd order, I know. It is not very common dish. Once you see it, rich and tender meet on both sides of a flat bone, and after tasting it your opinion changes. It worth trying these specialty!
Well, we got so hungry on the way back, that we met for lunch after the ride, and guess what; The restaurant was serving cheeks in the menu.
We both went for it! Oh yeah, that was a feast! Felt so good after the long ride.

Thanks Jim!
Christmas is coming and the Cagations (see in the picture) are ready to be fed and grew.

I wonder what the catalans do with them. I can tell you that they poop good presents for everyone!

Another day of good riding.

Going to the Montseny Mountains in autumn is going to see the beautiful colors of the changing season.

Again, Ritse and Gordon were impressed by the ride we had prepared. Well, I hope I can do it every time they come!