Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring - Summer

Feels like summer today!
A really sunny day out. Riding along Les Serres and Estanyol, the fields are green and the spring shows its flowers blooming everywhere.
On the way back we met up with another group of riders (ex-team mates) and good friends.
There are so many people riding when the weather starts to warm up.
Spring is here!

Gail and Brad enjoying lunch. well, it is already gone...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This is our last day; relaxing in Girona
We are very happy to meet you and we hope to see you all next year!
Take care and enjoy racing

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Women's Training Camp - DAY 6

Sant Hilari - 135Km The longest stage of the week, the queen stage!
It is a long day and everything is ready. Debbie, in the van, carries extra warm clothing for the top and many different snacks, powerbars, fruits and drinks for the ride.
The day is clear and no rain is expected.
The first part of the ride is relatively flat until Arbucies, where we start the climb up to Sant Hilari. about 20km of gradual climb, with magnificient views to the Turó de l'Home mountain still covered with snow.
It is cold at the top, and after 3 km of descent we stop in a bar to warm up with a cafe con leche (cafe amb llet). Debbie and Diane arrive a minute later and we start the long 20km descent. It is pretty cold, but we are now dressed properly.
At the base, we stop for lunch and hot chocolate. Replenish energy for the last km to Girona.

This has been the last day of riding with the camp. And we don't want to say goodbye. We go shopping to get some food for tonight. We will have our last dinner at the apartments. Catalan home food: pa amb tomaquet, Spanish cheeses, jamon (ham) chorizo and Llangonissa, and Potato omelette.
Tomorrow early morning Phil and Diane are leaving. It is sad for us, but we are happy everything went perfect and the weather respected us.

Women's Training Camp - DAY 5

The recovery day before the long stage on Saturday.
The day starts sunny, but the forecast shows scattered showers almost everywhere in Catalonia. It looks like we will get wet today.
Dede comes with us too, and we go to the Pont de Pedra for a group picture before starting the ride.

We leave Girona to follow the route where the new high voltage power lines may be in the near future.
The first part of the ride is great, but the sky is getting dark. When the first drops begin to fall, we take a short cut to Girona. Although it is not raining much, we decide to go back faster. We have covered most of the ride and enough for the recovery day.

Women's Training Camp - DAY 4

Another day to the coast! 125Km
And the weather is super nice again! Two climbs today: Romanya and then Els Angels on the way back to Girona.
Enjoy the pictures as we did the ride

Monday, April 14, 2008

Women's Training Camp - DAY 3

Today's ride is called Les Serres. A series of loops around Girona and 3 easy climbs. 93Km along narrow roads in the countryside.
This morning only Jessy, Kele and Theresa are riding and Dede is also joining us.
We are going to have a nice ride and share experiences with Dede.

A stop for coffee in Santa Coloma is the perfect chance to try the unique "coca de ratafia" (yes, it was planned) Everybody enjoyed it! On the way back David (Bicis Esteve and my teammate) joined us back to Girona and took pictures of all of us.

Tonight we have a typical catalan dinner in a masia (traditional catalan farm/country house). Some decide to try the pork and beef cheeks, as it is one of the most popular dishes and specialties of the area.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Women's Training Camp - DAY 2

After Kele arrived last night, the group is now complete.
Today's ride is Sant Grau. 105Km with the 5 km climb up to Sant Grau and a last steep km.
The forecast showed warmer temperatures and when we start it's nice and sunny. although it is windy!

Women's Training Camp - DAY 1

First ride: Santa Pellaia. 74Km
We have a presentation before the ride about the weeks program, the rides and after ride activities, and...the weather. The forecast is not optimistic and shows 3 depressions coming through. That is possible rain starting monday night and extended during the week.
I cant believe how cold it got in one day. After a warm weekend, 26ºC (79F) this morning is only 11ºC. Feels like winter brrrrr!
We take a second round of hot cafes con leche while Dede Barry and Xavi join us for the ride.
We are ready to start!
Robert, a friend of ours, joins us too. Our group is growing and we will share our cycling in Girona experiences with everybody.

Rolling down the cobblestones streets of the old quarter, heading out of Girona.
We take a 3rd round of coffees in Monells. Ricard and Ryder (Slipstream) stop by and we start the second part of the ride together.

Women's Training Camp - DAY 0

Pick ups at the airport in the morning.
For some it's the first time, but I cant wait to see Phil and Diane. They have been coming to Girona many years and this camp was thought for their team.
Gary and Theresa were here with the Fast Freddie Training camp 2 years ago.
They all arrive on time and with ALL bags. That's great!

In the afternoon we arrive in Girona, lunch and rest to recover from the jet lag.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Everything is ready! We are going to Barcelona to meet the cyclists upon their arrival. Tomorrow is the start day. We have ahead a week of riding and fun.