Monday, July 21, 2014

The Michelin Stars Tour of Girona

This tour was short and very sweet. The original plan was for a week-long tour, sampling the michelin star restaurants on offer in the area. Though other obligations shortened the trip to three riding days, we tried to make them as spectacular as possible and at night, a different michelin star restaurant.

The first stage was to the peaceful Santa Pellaia or ¨Hincapie Climb¨. George Hincapie really liked this climb during his time in Girona. You can still see his name written on the road as you go up. At night, the delicious La Massana restaurant (1 Michelin *) was just a short walk away.

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The second day, we went down to the village of Tossa and up the ¨roller coaster¨ along the coast - Costa Brava.
Bikecat Cycling Tours, Cycling in Girona 

To end this perfect day, Bo.TiC Restaurant came to us (1 Michelin *) and prepared an absolutely amazing dinner at the house.

Bikecat Cycling Tours, Cycling in Girona, The Michelin Stars Cycling Tour

Our last riding day had to involve a little bit of suffering, but in a good way, and up Mare de Deu del Mont they went. This has to be the hardest climb relatively close to Girona and at the top, a possibly moonlike landscape greets you with 360 degree views of the area way down below.
How else could we end the tour but with an evening at El Celler de Can Roca (3 Michelin *) currently the number 2 ranked restaurant in the world.

Bikecat Cycling Tours, Cycling in Girona
We hope the group can come back soon and experience all we had planned, but we really had a fabulous time with them! Moltes Gracies!
Bikecat Cycling Tours, Cycling in Girona